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Item List for both Short-Term and LongTerm Residential Treatment.


Turning Point Recovery Center

Admissions Office (248) 334-7760

54 Seneca Street, Pontiac, Michigan 48342


Men’s Facility, 54 Seneca Street, Pontiac, Michigan 48342 -- Phone: (248) 334-7760

after hours for the men’s facility please call (248) 836-0192


Women’s Facility, 239 State Street, Pontiac, Michigan 48341 -- Phone: (248) 335-5437


Required Items for Admission to Turning Point

1.     Identification: State issued ID or driver’s license with your current address. If you do not have these, please bring a piece of mail showing your current address.

2.     Medicaid ID card: (green colored card) if you have active Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP).

3.     Proof of Income: pay stubs for the last 30 days, or tax forms.

4.     If you are prescribed medications, you need to bring a 30 day supply. All medications must be in their original bottles prescribed to the client. All medications will be kept locked up.

5.     Proof of TB test taken within the last six monthsAll clients are required by the State to have proof of a TB test in their chart. If you do not have proof, we will send you to our local health department for one at no cost to you while in treatment.

6.     If there is anyone that you need TPRC to disclose information to, you will need to sign a release of information. This includes Emergency Contact Persons, Probation Officers, Attorneys, Doctors, DHS/CPS workers, etc. You must bring their correct agency name, address, phone number, and fax number.

7.     If you are required to pay a co-pay, please bring a money order made out to Turning Point Recovery Center. We will not accept personal checks. Copays are expected at time of admission. The admissions office will let you know ahead of time if you have a copay. (most clients do not)


Suggested Items to Bring:

1.     AA/NA Book, Bible or any reading material beneficial to your recovery.

2.     If you want to write letters, bring a pad of paper, postage stamps, and envelopes. We do not sell stamps.

3.     Seven sets of clothing. Pack for both warm days and cold days. All items/clothing brought to the facility must be packed in plastic garbage bags. (Suitcases,backpacks etc. are not allowed.)

4.     Laundry soap, fabric softener.

5.     A clock for next to your bed. (Clock-radios are not allowed.) Small Fan.

6.     All personal care items. (soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste, mouthwash etc. - must be alcohol free). Electric razors, hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners are ok to bring. (NO HAND SANITIZER ALLOWED).

7.     Shower shoes or flip-flops. (That way you are not barefoot in the bathrooms/showers.)

8.     Over-the-Counter non-drowsy type pain relievers such as Tylenol, Motrin, or Aleve (just in case you have a headache or don’t feel well). A roll of Tums or generic antacid (just in case you have heartburn or upset stomach). All medicines must be in their original package with nothing mixed in it. We do not supply over-the-counter medicines due to us being a non-medical facility. NOTHING over-the-counter that will make you DROWSY is allowed.

9.     Cigarettes if you are a smoker. You can bring your own tobacco and rolling supplies.



1.     No electronic equipment such as cell phones, Ipods, MP3 players, or any type of radio, or televisions.

2.     No guns, knives, or any sort of weapon. No fireworks, gambling items, lottery tickets.


Additional Info:

1.     If you will be in our Short-Term Program, all appointments (medical, legal, etc.)must be taken care of prior to your admission into treatment, or postponed until you complete treatment. Urgent situations will be accommodated as deemed necessary by your therapist.

2.     We do not have a detox unit and are not a medical facility which means we do not have doctors or nurses on site.

3.     You are expected to be physically stable and attend all of your group meetings. Bed rest passes are not allowed.